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Trivia Questions

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Let's go to the beach beach, let's go get away - Starships

Your poor little heart, will be all alone - Runaway Baby

You, with your voice like nails - Mean


asdnob - bandos


In what year was the Duplication Glitch in Runescape? - 2003


How many bones are in a fully grown human? - 206

Who is the founder of Apple? - Steve Jobs

What language is spoken in Austria - German

Colour Taxi of New York - Yellow

How many wisdom teeth can grow in your mouth? - 4

What is the best number? - 69


I'll have what she's having. - When Harry Met Sally

We rob banks - Bonnie and Clyde

After all, tomorrow is another day! - Gone with the wind


!!! THIS IS NOT A FULL Q/A, please submit any Questions and Answers and I will edit the post when possible. !!!

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